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Famous Speeches
I Am Angry
Myth Story with Illustrations
Poetry Sampler - original Poems read by authors

Declaration of Independence

Reading of the Declaration of Independence video, with timeline hyperlink, and webquest.

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Famous Speeches

Famous Speeches unit on analyzing four famous speeches in history. Includes images, audio, video and links to an online "scoring" form for students to evaluate the speeches learned about in the ePub file. Created by Charlene Chausis


Sustainability unit with images, hyperlinks and video to be used as ePub on iPad, iPod, iPhone using iBooks app, created by Charlene Chausis.

Sample page section with Videos and hyperlink:

Ancient Greece

Introduction to Ancient Greece, based on the Discovery Streaming series "Living History: Living in Ancient Greece" (available to DE Streaming customers).
Contains images, video and hyperlinks. A hyperlink to Google Doc Form with several review questions is also included.

In this ePub file, the chapter on Athens contains a student sample of re-mixed content from the segment "Athens: The Birthplace of Democracy." Created by Charlene Chausis.

Sample page section with text, image and hyperlink to Google Docs Form for review questions: