Teaching,creating and sharing mobile content for eReaders using ePub format.

Motivation for attending Discovery Summer Institute

Teachers inspire me to learn more - Discovery Educators inspire me to create, think outside the box, learn, share, reinvent, and more.

Attending a Discovery event envigorates and engages me. It is working with these inspirational folks that ideas come together, new adventures are formed, new friends are made, ever expanding my personal learning environment. Working with Discovery Education resources and creative minds of Discovery staff, learning about future direction, hearing more about discovery initiatives, makes me rethink what is possible!! Whenever I am stumped and think something is not manageable or do-able, Discovery staff and Star Educators help me rethink and provide suggestions and guidance and enthusiasm that evolves into something grand.

Mobile learning is still in its infancy, and will change the education world. I feel that being privileged enough to be chosen to attend the summer institute will give me insight into how the new education world is being developed. Learning about what Discovery is doing today with mobile learning & content that will change textbook use and teaching styles - changing the paradigm of teacher roles, student roles, learning, engagement, assessment. So many questions to ask...not sure what to ask first..not sure what is possible...
  • What can we learn from what Discovery is doing with iPad and Curriculum that would help us today?

Star Educator efforts:

  • New Teacher introducing Discovery Education resources (Oct, 2011)
  • Teacher "Make and take" session in creating content in epub format ( 4 teachers) ( May, 2011)
  • Teacher "Make and take" session - editing video from Discovery.com ( 4 teachers) (March, 2011)
  • Teacher "Make and take" session - downloading Discovery Education video segments and using closed caption ( 6 teachers( Oct, 2010))
  • Co-Chair Mini Conference for NICE (Northern Illinois Computing Educators) Bringing technology integrated projects and ideas to teachers.
  • Conference presentation "Creating content for eReaders in epub format" -
    • SET Connections(April, 2011),
    • NICE (May, 2011) meeting
  • Working with epubbud site owner to create an education site for teacher and student created ePub. (epubbud Education Website should be available sometime in June, 2011.) (Should I be lucky enough to attend, it would be great to have Josh Jones of ePubbud.com attend session to premiere epubbud for education)
    • easy editor for creating ePub including images, audio and video
    • teacher page to monitor student work efforts.
    • collaboration with the ability to create book for content
    • remix/mashup of discovery assets created by students and teachers in ePub format



Teaching teachers about ePub, and students becoming published authors.

When students write in school, it is difficult to publish and share their work. The Library catalog at schools are now able to house eBooks created by students that can be read and/or downloaded.

Publishing student work provides another avenue for students to share, collaborate and to learn from each other. 6th grade students have written their own poetry books, and share their favorite work
  • Poetry with audio
7th grade students write and illustrate a myth story.
  • Myth book
Social Stories created for students with special needs using audio and video:
  • I Am Angry Social Story

Content via ePub

Curriculum and content that can be shared and used in mobile devices: Changes the teaching paradigm.
  • Sustainability example
  • Introduction to Ancient Greece
  • Civil War

  • 2epub.com - converts PDF to epub - text, images, and hyperlinks
  • epubbud.com - Creating epub -text, images, hyperlinks, audio and video. Upload word document or pdf, then edit.
  • Pages - Apple iWork Pages Instructions creating epub- text, images, hyperlinks, audio, video