What is ?

Ad free, private space for teachers and students to create ePub format eBooks to support curriculum and learning online. Share teacher created curriculum guides or examples on a teacher bookshelf with your students. Students create their ebook that can be viewed by the teacher/owner of the group. Students can then share their book on the shared bookshelf for other students for peer review, comments or just to read.

Each ePub ebook is available to be downloaded and used on ereaders such as the iPad, Nook and others. Students have access to the ePub eBooks from home at, without needing an eReader device.

What is possible?

Create ePub ebook with text, video, audio, images, hyperlinks(teachers and students) to support curriculum.

  • share with members of classroom/groups online
  • download ePub to eDevice like ipad, ipod, Nook or other readers
  • Create contents, curriculum for students
    • link to google docs for quick quiz or validation of work completion
    • link to more information
  • Students create epub to share with classroom/group
    • publish writing such as poetry, story, myth to teacher and group
      • keep private until it is ready
      • share with teacher
      • share with all members of the group
      • share with parent

  • ePub at

  • Viewing and reading ePubs online - includes support for video/audio
  • Here is the link to ePub Bookshelf where a variety of ePubs are shared with you.
  • just click on the book cover, then click on Reader banner.
    • Declaration of Independence
    • Sustainability
    • I Am Angry - Social Story
    • Poetry Sampler - original Poems read by authors
    • Myth Story with Illustrations

Tutorials:Setup & Administration for classroom/groups:

or in Google Docs

Create epub - My book, edit book

or Google Docs: