A. Create ePub eBook - PC Mac

  • A1. online with http://edu.epubbud.com
  • A2. iBooks Author or Pages on Apple MAC - for iPads only
  • A3. Bookbin- free download, PC or MAC. (has not been updated since 2011)
  • A4. Creative Book Builder -iPad- $3.99
  • A5. ePub from any webpage article or blog
  • A6.PressBook.com

B. Convert documents and video/audio for ePub.

C. Use Dropbox to share and open in iPad iBooks app.

A1. Create ePub eBook online at edu.epubbud.com

  • Share epub with Classroom/Group
  • http://edu.epubbud.com

  • edu.epubbud.com - free, no ads, private classroom group sharing
  • upload pdf or word document with text, images, hyperlinks, upload audio and video files and create your own ePub formatted eBook with multimedia. Have students create their own ePub as part of their projects.
    • Create classroom and groups
        • share ePub books with all members of the group. Parents can be invited to join group
    • Create ePub e-curriculum guides and projects by teachers and students
      • text
      • images
      • hyperlinks
      • Multimedia - video, audio
Tutorials for edu.epubbud.com:
1. Administration for classroom/groups:
  • Administration - how to create and manage groups:Setup Instructions PDF:

  • or Google Docs

2.Create epub eBook , edit book

A2. iBooks Author or Pages

iBooks Author - create interactive epub(MAC only) for iPad - Free

Creates format: .ibook. Format .iBook can only be opened on iPad with iBooks app.

Pages - create ePub(MAC only)-$

  • Pages

iWork pages Instructions (Apple/MAC only)- use template to create ePub for iBook app for text, images, hyperlinks, and drag and drop video and audio. Created by Charlene Chausis.
      • text
      • images
      • hyperlinks
      • Multimedia - video, audio

A3. Bookbin - create an ePub

Download bookbin for Mac or PC from Source Forge - open source and free

Install and then open bookbin, and Getting Started appears with instructions.

  • interactive for matching and multiple choice quiz -
  • Format your information using a table (columns and rows)
  • Use images, video, audio, text, hyperlinks Use table to place informationh create matching and quiz questions that are interactive. Results are only in the application at the time, and not saved.

Getting Started
1. Click on Help
2. Click on Getting Started - this creates your template to modify.
3. Create a new page by using Heading 1 format for the title.

A4. Pad App Creative Book Builder ($3.99)- no additional license or costs

  • no license fees to publisher of app or other costs
  • share with other ipads through dropbox
  • create ePub directly on the iPad
  • record audio right on the app
  • type your text, or
  • import text from dropbox or google docs
  • import images, video, audio files from dropbox or iPad

A5. ePub eBook from any webpage blog or article

  • dotEPUB
  • Read ePub converted webpages on any epub-compatible device: e-readers, iPad, iPod, tablets, smartphones, netbooks, desktop computers

A6. PressBooks

  • create epub ebooks, typeset PDFs, and webbooks with professionally designed book themes
  • http://pressbooks.com/
  • plug for wordpress blog

B. Convert documents(doc or pdf) to epub.

  • 2epub.com
    Convert pdf or doc to epub format. This site sometimes works better than using the epubbud converter. When uploading a doc, the text remains so it can be sized on an eReader. Document/pdf can contai
      • text
      • images
      • hyperlinks

http://2epub.com - Convert pdf or doc with images, text and hyperlinks to ePub format.

Then upload to edu.epubbud.com to share with group or upload to iPad


Online Converter For iPhone, iPad and iPod
A free online file converter that allows you to convert various document types into ePub. Convert audio files, short video clips and movies to the native media formats of Apple products: iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad.
Output formats are: epub for e-books, m4a for audio and m4v for video.

Use same instructions as 2epub Instructions.pdf



C. Use Dropbox to open ePub on iPad


Guiding Graphics:

1. Download ePub eBook from edu.epubbud.com to PC, and move to dropbox

Creative Book Builder, publish ePub to dropbox

2. open Dropbox on the iPad

3. Click on the title example: Speeches.epub
4. You will receive an error - this is ok
5. Click on Open in button