Reading ePub (ePub 2 is current standard - 2011)

Reading ePub Online: Requires login created by teacher. Teacher creates logins for groups/students for their own bookshelf. Teacher creates Group that students will join.
No ads, free.
Keeps a shelf of epub books that you have created or uploaded.
Reads text, images, hyperlinks, audio and video.
Bookmark, larger text
Requires use of Google Chrome to support audio and video in ePub eBook. Requires login.
Keeps a bookshelf of books that you have uploaded.
Reads text, images, hyperlinks Does not require login.
Uploads book, and provides a book number.
Reads text, images and hyperlinks.

Add-ons & Downloads to read ePubs:

  • Calibre download (Mac/Windows)
  • EPUB Reader Firefox Add-On (Windows/Linux/Mac)
  • FBReader download(Windows/Linux)
  • MobiPocket Reader download (Windows)
  • Stanza download (Mac/Windows)

Create ePubs:

  • Pages (Mac)
  • Stanza
  • Creative Book Builder (build and save as ePub to iBooks and dropbox(for sharing)

eBook reader devices:

  • iPad, iPod, iPhone
  • Nook, Mobi

ePub 3 Support for interactivity, 3D objects and more:

  • ePub 3 adding interactivity and audio/video support for ePub ebook format.
  • HTML 5 support in ePub 3 -

May, 2011 from:
" Specifications the new EPUB 3 e-book format were posted today on the IDPF website: Built using XML and Web standards, EPUB 3 supports a number of new features that have become more necessary as publishers and authors innovate how content is created and packaged:
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Interactivity
  • Global language support
  • Multicolumn layout
  • Hyphenation
  • Embedded fonts
  • Enhanced metadata
  • Improved accessibility
  • MathML
  • and more
The IDPF has worked closely with the DAISY Consortium to make sure this update of EPUB included accessibility features. In a press release, George Kerscher, IDPF president said, “EPUB 3 marks the mainstreaming of accessibility capabilities within the universal commercial digital publication format standard.” "